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I Wish Someone Had Told Me This When I was 40

Nearly 30 years ago I missed the most important lesson of my business life. And no one told me the importance of owning your own business and parlaying its earning power into annual wealth.

When you work hard and work smart, you sometimes miss the important things.

Example: If at age 40 you had a $2M revenue making 10% profit, one would think, not bad. And the business if it grew 10% a year in 7.2 years would double to $4M, very good. And with certain revelations of its business model that business could earn upwards of 20%, even better.

But what if half of the after tax profit (assume a S Corp or LLC), were placed in a tax free investment vehicle that at age 58 provided 20 years of $250,000 income that was not taxed?

And by age 48, you began receiving payments for the sale of your business to your best employees and protégées that provided $250,000 for 10 years. In short, you received $250,000 after tax money for 27 years and potentially longer. That’s almost $7M after tax!

All by working 7 years in your business. And by having control of that business for 17 years.

I don’t blame anyone for not sharing but I do feel compelled to share this enlightenment with you.

We have developed the program that does exactly this. We call it MAGNIFI because it magnifies the take-home pay business owners have available to them. It provides the financial freedom to plan a life of independence at an early age.

We would love to share it with you.

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