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Exit your business with >2X your current revenue
in tax free cash payments for up to 30 years.  

Work It.  Monetize It.  Reap It.
Long Tern Income Provisioning



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Paul Starkey & Steve Firszt have decoded the ci business model and now have developed an innovative system for owners to fund their retirement and transition to successor owners.

Business coaches turned exit planners the dynamic duo of Firszt and Starkey team to give owners a 10 year plan and then show them how a profitable company can provide a graceful exit.

What You Should Know About Us

We recently completed two engagements to help long time business owners get a 5 year and out plan while funding a 7-year retirement vehicle. They are positioned to see more money from their business that they never thought was possible. All while gracefully backing away from the day-to-day.



Leading Business Owners to New Realities and Possibilities


HireOne is a service that recruits a financial controller for the client based on the deep experience the founders have in coaching client's to success in ci. The process usually takes less than 2 months.


MAGNIFI is a 3 month planning process that results in a 10 year forecast of cash for the business with retirement funding and succession buyout options and a process for making the transaction happen. The service completes the plan inside 90 days. 


Both advisors are in popular demand for speaking at industry events given their vast experience and knowledge on the business aspects of ci. You can book either or both for your next event.


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